Old stuff

CLOSED DCT03 DC trap (filter) pcb Group Buy.

DCT03 first round group buy

CLOSED SSR03 Sjöström Super Regulator Power Supply pcb Group Buy.

SSR03 forth round group buy

CLOSED Pavel Dudeks excellent LM4780 based PA03 stereo pcb Group Buy.

PA03 fifth round Group Buy

CLOSED B1 pcb's are ordered for the Rhys group buy and the leftovers are be offered here.

B1 Group Buy

I'm helping out Rhys with his messy business. It's not yet finished and I don't know if it ever will happen.

BPA300 Group Buy Round 2

CLOSED I'm ordering more PA150 boards and have started a third run. I have also designed a DRV134 pcb which is offered.

BPA300 Group Buy Round 3

A forth run may take place but I will decide in January 2010

BPA300 Group Buy Round 4

CLOSED My rectifier board is offered here (deal is closed, for more info please contact me)

RFB03 Rectifier Bridge Group Buy

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