BPA300 Group Buy Round 2

Group buy status: DELIVERING the parts I have and waiting for the missing parts.

290909, 6 days has passed since Rhys was on his way to the post office. Nothing has turned up and I have tried to get hold of Rhys for two days without success.

091009, many days more and phone calls every day, no sign from Rhys. The mobile phono is on so he must have seen lot's of missed calls. Meanwwhile he has been active at diyaudio. A few more people will have their stuff which will be shipped this weekend.

I have delivered a couple of incomplete orders and what is left is on a "missing parts" list. Today (23rd Sept) I talked to Rhys in the phone and he was on his way to the post office with pcb's and money. I'll hope they will arrive on Friday. With the pcb's I can finish rather many orders so after this only a few are left. If they will arrive we are rather near to an end. It feels good. Don't forget that I have have a third run if you want to get hold of more boards.

Please don't change anything except for acknowledgment of delivery

Only peranders is allowed edit this page when it comes to unresolved issues.

I (peranders) am helping Rhys out to finish this group buy. Things have not turned Rhys' way and he has been unable to finish this group buy, so everyone that have unresolved issues, like undelivered goods, errors in delivered goods etc. file your claims to peranders via his email button at the forum. I will try to respond to everyone within 24 hours and let you know that I have read your message. I will write there as soon as I'll get an email. I will put up each claim on this wiki page and resolve it from here.

At this point everyone are on the list I should think and the project now is that peranders in Sweden will handle all shipment. As soon as something is shipped I will edit this wiki and also send an email.


Group buy thread


rhysh not longer responsible, peranders is in charge now.

List of unresolved issues

Please don't change anything except for acknowledgment of delivery

Only peranders is allowed edit this page when it cames to unresolved issues

Order completed

Reg Date..pcbpcbotherPaymentAmountShippedReceivedComment
100609diplomSweden4 pcb, kit,.excl LM3886 +VAT04030951.75USD090609120609.
100609TS LoHong Kong4..12020951.75USD310709070809.
190609Lucas_GNetherlands4..??51.75USD310709170809Arrived earlier
140609HisatugoBrasil4..25040951.75USD310709060909Arrived earlier
110609rjmJapan..phonoclone pcb 2????310709060909Arrived earlier
060709prooptikiGreece..2 phonoclone pcbs23010931.50USD170809ddmmyy.
090809ProfessorRussia4..15100845.76USD170809040909Arrived earlier
100609ShmulikIsrael42SMD parts30030978USD060909ddmmyyMissing: 4 pcs. SMD partkits BPA150, 2 pcs. DRV134, bought the parts, got refunded from CCC
160609npappUSA.2 delivered2 B102030965USDddmmyyddmmyyOrder OK
190609JC FardoBrazil4..??51.75USD031009161009.
110609AndrewT?UK..2 transformers26040980GBP251009ddmmyyRefunded
110609AlanElsdon?UK..2 pcs. Hifi2000 enclosures26040960GBP251009ddmmyyRefunded


Reg Date..pcbpcbotherPaymentAmountShippedReceivedComment
140609noelectrixUSA/Germany..2 Phonoclone pcb22010932USD060909090909.
140609noelectrixUSA/Germany..2 Phonoclone kits28030968GBP0609090909098 pcs. OP27 missing ORDER OK
090609SvErD?Norway4..15100845.76USD0609090909094 pcs. DRV134 missing
310709logicalRomania422 kits no LM3886070509163GBP060909100909Missing: 2 pcs. DRV134 pcb, Dale resistors, one smashed big cap
190609beaverSweden42.13020961.75USD0609091109092 pcs. DRV134 missing
190609pchwUSA..2 PhonoClone? Kit260409108.28USD0609091209098 pcs. OP27 missing, sent 091009
100609RHKratosUSA2..18030931.75USD0609091809091 pcs. BPA150 pcb missing
100609RHKratosUSAmono kit..18030988.50GBP0609091809096 Dale and 6 LM3886 missing. I'm waiting for the Dale resistors/P-A
100609RHKratosUSA.....221009.1 PA150, 6 Dale and 6 LM3886
100609huy5005Canada4..11020951.75USD0609092009092 pcs. DRV134 missing
100609lancerSingapore..4 phonoclone, parts280309114GBP060909ddmmyy16 pcs. OP27 missing
100609lancerSingapore..4 phonoclone, parts..091009ddmmyy16 pcs. OP27
020709lancerSingapore..4 phonoclone23010954.20USD060909ddmmyy.
160609npappUSA.2.02030965USD031009ddmmyy2 B1 missing Order OK
100609yan6Canada.42 phonoclone22010952.50USD041009ddmmyy.
120609northernskyItaly..2 Phonoclone pcb23010931.50USDddmmyyddmmyy1 pcb missing, a few resistors
120609northernskyItaly..2 Phonoclone kit27030958GBPddmmyyddmmyy
120609northernskyItaly..Paypal fees2801093GBPddmmyyddmmyy.
110609FinnC?Denmark..2 phonoclone kits29030963GBP221009ddmmyySent 8 pcs. OP27, claims only the OP27
090609seroxatmadUK...30040970GBP221009ddmmyyrefund of money, bank transfer, canceled phonoclone
100609ThamMalaysia..2 PhonoClone? Kits16050970GBP261009ddmmyy1000u missing, some resistor values by two resistors
170609CeeVee?Portugal..1 B102030930USD281009ddmmyy.
170609CeeVee?Portugal..1 B102030925USD281009ddmmyy.
120609music2diy4USA..2 B1 pcb18030955USD281009ddmmyy.
120609northernskyItaly..1 B1 pcb02050925USD281009ddmmyy.
110609adn6244Singapore..1 B1 pcb02030930USD281009ddmmyy.
150609ljk11USA2 +parts1 +IC.180309220GPB200310ddmmyyWant to sell his kit

Not shipped.

Reg Date..pcbpcbotherPaymentAmountShippedReceivedComment
100609sjalloqUK4..??238.50GPB170609PartlyMissing 12 Dale, 4 100 nF
190609jbolUSA4..??51.75USDddmmyyddmmyyHaven't responded yet.
010709Coreyk78USA..1 ECC88120508?25USD?ddmmyyddmmyyNot received anything
090809kierownik??..1 ECC8817120825.44USDddmmyyddmmyyWants refund
120809JBLoudg20USA..1 ECC8810120826.37USDddmmyyddmmyyNot received anything
110609SpJonesKSU?USA..1 ECC8812100825.90USDddmmyyddmmyyNot received anything, see notice below
110609av-trouvailleNetherlands..3 ECC8812120865USDddmmyyddmmyyNot received anything, see notice below
100609yan6Canada..2 ECC88 GC boards14120845.30USDddmmyyddmmyyNot received anything, see notice below
090809NKolisnyk (yan6)Canada..1 ECC88 GC board17030927.43USDddmmyyddmmyyShip together with yan6
110609TandrenSweden..1 ECC8804120825USDddmmyyddmmyyNot received anything, see notice below

I (peranders) will develop a pcb with the same basic idea but hopefully a more over all advanced design.

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